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Local Lovin’: Northside Grill

Being a little fish in the big pond of “a million hot sauces,” we often appreciate the local people and businesses that allow us to continue to make Clancy’s. This post is the first in a new series of posts highlighting local operations that we love! Anyone familiar with Ann Arbor knows that it exemplifies the true meaning of community in every sense of the word. The support system amongst locals is overwhelming. We are proud to be a part of such a beautiful thing and excited to have an outlet to highlight some of the awesome partners we love to work with!

We are partial to lots of foodie institutions here in Ann Arbor, but we hope to recognize all of our favorites in time. As we discuss the great businesses we have worked with over the years, we also look forward to sharing great new restaurants and shops from the new communities we venture to!

Clancy’s Fancy is no stranger to a great plate of eggs, hash browns and toast. Maybe a more appropriate way to phrase this: Clancy’s is quite possibly most delicious when slathered all over a great plate of eggs, hash browns and toast.

We dedicate our first Local Lovin’ post to a restaurant serving solid breakfast food that has just celebrated its 21st anniversary, Northside Grill! Drive a little off the beaten path to give yourself easy [parking] access to this unique spot, a major plus. Walk through the doors to enter a hustling-and-bustling, relatively intimate dining area that is much more than just an average diner. One look around shows you that Northside makes quite the successful attempt to incorporate multiple local products into their scene. Sunrise Acres cage-free eggs, strong Roosroast coffee, and Clancy’s Fancy at every table setting (YAY)! Regulars to the restaurant surround you, the staff exudes friendliness… We dare you to come to Northside and NOT feel the sense of community as you dine. At Northside, you can indulge in your favorite hot sauce in the restaurant, and on the way out, Clancy’s is available to purchase! A big thanks to Northside for continuing to support Clancy’s and for continuing to make delicious food to slather it on!